The Covid-19 pandemic can be contained by borrowing lessons from the HIV/AIDS national responses.

The Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework II reports that since the first HIV case was reported in the country in 1984, AIDS caused the deaths of about two million people and resulted in a decline in life expectancy by about 12 years. And in the year 2017 it was responsible for 19 per cent of lives lost in that year.

Despite still posing a great challenge, it is no longer regarded as a national disaster because of effective and concerted campaigns that led to the reversal of…

As the world battles the volatile coronavirus, Kenya should not count itself lucky just because the level of devastation is not as shocking compared to other nations. Rather, we should see this as an opportunity to rectify our ways.

The perfect case we should learn from that easily comes to mind is India. The virus situation has pushed the government and its citizens to the edge leaving them clutching at straws in attempts to abate the crisis.

This week the World Health Organisation said that the Asian country with a population of about 1.3 billion has been recording at least…

On December 15, 2019, a 34-year-old man in Trans Nzoia County hacked his wife following a quarrel after she asked for money to buy charcoal.

In August 2019 in Bomet, a man killed his two sons after a conflict with his wife. A similar incident occurred in Laikipia, where a Kenya Defence Forces soldier killed his wife and two children.

These three incidents took place in different areas but have a common denominators that seemingly affects many Kenyans: family welfare, economic status and mental well-being.

Ideally, the family unit is billed as the safest place where one can feel loved…

Philip Momanyi Maosa

Author and ardent fan of Russian literature. My works cover diverse themes, intending to provide insights into personal growth.

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